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The Independency Project believes it necessary to end the exagerated dependency of individual persons, small organizations and even governments, from those few merely result-oriented, greedy and profit-obsessed OWO type of corporations, that in the last decades have come to determine everybody's life on a global scale, while completely destroying society and the planet, as if it were just 'collateral damage'.




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A new understanding, new values, new priorities Sticky


The "New World Order" and the conspiracy confusion

According to most sources, the term New World Order would correspond to those global conspiracy theories, that talk about some secretive power elites, that have a "global agenda" and the intention to rule the world through an authoritarian world government. Duhh!

It is more than obvious that some Bushes crave this, or some Goldmen Suckers or Nonsantos or any of those selfish, short-sighted minds from the greedy, hypocrite, money & profit-oriented OLD World Order *, but we definitely do not think that they, the existing elites, taking even more (in fact, full) control can be considered anything 'NEW' to begin with, let alone a 'New World Order'. In any case it would be only a next step of that same retarded OLD World Order, within the existing path they supposedly are already following towards full world domination.

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ABS! ABOLISH BANK SECRECY to eradicate Global Corruption! Sticky



OPEN SUGGESTION to all NGOs, Foundations and Movements:
include the claim to "Abolish Bank $ecrecy! - AB$!" in your statutes and ALL communications and actions to increase social awareness and put more pressure on the authorities.

BANK SECRECY and Tax Havens finance, allow, maintain and stimulate Global Corruption: the single one cause of all serious world problems: war, terrorism, organized crime, violation of human rights, poverty, destruction of the planet and society.

(we DO have enough examples to be sure of that now, don't we?)

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Iceland & Greece


Compiling references

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Independence of Scotland, start of the End of Bank Secrecy?


The independence of Scotland from the "United" Kingdom would not just be a great first step towards the dismantling of the absurd, outdated, obsolete British "Empire" (in fact England, plus their ridiculous amount of dominated or influenced territories).

More specifically it could mean the greatest possible first step towards the abolition of BANK SECRECY and TAX HAVENS, because that is what the British crown essentially "Unites": the biggest cluster of Black Money machines of the world. The same Black Money that and finances wars, sustains dictators and stimulates political and corporate corruption, organized crime, violation of human rights, genocide and ecocide.
On a global scale, this British black money monopoly makes even territorial, historical or cultural issues actually insignificant.

As the Tax Justice Network puts it:

the United Kingdom with its satellite secrecy jurisdictions would be ranked first in the Fincancial Secrecy Index (FSI) by a large margin with a FSI score of 2162 or 3170, respectively (compared to 1765 for Switzerland). Note that this list excludes many British Commonwealth Realms where the Queen remains their head of state.

They forget to mention that many former British colonies*, surprisingly, have ended up being Tax Havens as well.
It is estimated that 30% of global wealth is hidden on Tax Havens. And it seems that half of that amount is under British total control or strong influence.<--break->


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English/Unitedstatian colonial policy


Some old-fashioned British colonial (and its Unitedstatian offspring) policy on schooling


(direct copy from documentary subtitles in english) 

An 1872 painting called "American Progress" shows
a white woman floating across the plains of the Unitedstatian West.
White settlers follow her as Indians and wild animals flee.
On her forehead she wears the star of empire.
In her right hand she carries a school book.
As the United States moves west, thousands of Native American children
are forcibly taken from their families and sent to government-run boarding schools.
The overt goal is to destroy their way of life.

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Conspiracy Suspicions



Governments & Authorities loosing credibility

The term "Conspiracy Theory" carries quite a negative nuance, in the sense that it sounds like too vague, fantastic, paranoid or elaborate to be really true and seems therefore easily rejectable or banished to the world of fairytales, where you can also find the Yeti, the Bermuda triangle or the unicorn.

However, when a story told by authorities has so many flaws, that it is more than clear they are not telling the truth, then the conspiracy is not just a "theory", but an outright fact, even if for lack of exact details or proof, we are moraly (and even legally) obliged to call it a Suspicion. In any case it leaves little or no credibility to those authorities.

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BIG PHARMA and global health


There is always a lot ado about the possible negative health impacts of new technologies or products that Big Industry, including Big Pharma of course, continuously comes up with. There are always the pros and the cons, and the medium citizen is always in the middle wondering who is right. 

However, we know that Industry will always go as far as they can get away with at any given moment, we know they always employ powerfull lobbies to favour them in public opinion and politics, we know they care more about profit than about the human being or nature and we know they have lied before. 

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Ukraine corruption


The latest blatant example of Large Scale Corruption from a typical OWO authority is indisputably Ukraine's deposed and runaway President Viktor Yanukovych, who actullay seemed to boast of Ukraine corruption, as says Mikheil Saakashvili, former president of Georgia another former Sovjet country.

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Countries with Bank Secrecy stimulate War, Corruption, Crime...


Simple, common logic:

  1. War, Corruption and Crime are basically financed by Black Money;
  2. Black Money is hidden on or retrieved from Secret Bank accounts;
  3. Countries with Bank Secrecy, like Switzerland and England, thus, allow and stimulate War, Corruption and Crime.

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From the documentary: "The Corporation"

Nagging is the key

In 1998 Western International Media, Century City and Lieberman Research Worldwide conducted a study on nagging.

Lucy Hughes - Vice President, Initiative Media; Co-Creator, The Nag Factor.

"We asked parents to keep a diary for three weeks and we asked them to record every time-- you can imagine! Every time their child nagged them for a product. We asked them to report when, where and why... "


Susan Linn - Professor of Psychiatry, Baker Children's Center, Harvard

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Food, GMO, Monsanto, manipulation, lies and corruption.


No introduction, just the videos.
(please inform when they are banned and disappear from MSM (i.e. Youtube) and we'll try to find other sources)

The World according to Monsanto

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From Corporations to Cooperatives


For a sustainable, liveable and egalitarian world society, business will greatly have to transform from greedy, profit-obsessed, centralized, destructive Corporations to user, worker and environment friendly, sustainable Cooperatives in wide networks.

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Colonialism and Imperialism



The origin of European (western) wealth

The origin of current European (basically white, monotheist) wealth and the now also dominating white (non-native) British offspring in the former colonies of America and Australia (all toghether known as the "western world"), is no more than the heritage of the wealth that was acummulated over centuries by brutally exploiting both human and natural resources of the supposedly 'non-civilized' native tribes of all other 4 contintents of the world, only to leave them devestaded and unstructured at the end of colonialism, while already forced into western money-culture (see "Schooling the World" documentary).

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It's Productionism, NOT 'Consumerism'



There is one fundamental hoax that should be set straight for once and for all.

Global society does NOT suffer from "Consumerism",
it is suffering "Productionism".

Consumerism is the distracting term that they use to make one think that it is the people who have this WANT or NEED to consume stuff and that for that reason Industry makes the effort to produce and innovate. This is absolutely misleading. In fact, it is exactly the other way around.

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