From the documentary: "The Corporation"

Nagging is the key

In 1998 Western International Media, Century City and Lieberman Research Worldwide conducted a study on nagging.

Lucy Hughes - Vice President, Initiative Media; Co-Creator, The Nag Factor.

"We asked parents to keep a diary for three weeks and we asked them to record every time-- you can imagine! Every time their child nagged them for a product. We asked them to report when, where and why... "


Susan Linn - Professor of Psychiatry, Baker Children's Center, Harvard

"This study was not to help parents cope with nagging. It was to help corporations help children nag for their products more effectively."


Lucy Hughes:

"Anywhere from 20% to 40% of purchases would not have occurred, unless the child had nagged their parents."

"You can manipulate consumers into wanting and therefore buying your products... It's a game!"


Paul Hawkins

The ecology of commerce


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