Independence of Scotland, start of the End of Bank Secrecy?

The independence of Scotland from the "United" Kingdom would not just be a great first step towards the dismantling of the absurd, outdated, obsolete British "Empire" (in fact England, plus their ridiculous amount of dominated or influenced territories).

More specifically it could mean the greatest possible first step towards the abolition of BANK SECRECY and TAX HAVENS, because that is what the British crown essentially "Unites": the biggest cluster of Black Money machines of the world. The same Black Money that and finances wars, sustains dictators and stimulates political and corporate corruption, organized crime, violation of human rights, genocide and ecocide.
On a global scale, this British black money monopoly makes even territorial, historical or cultural issues actually insignificant.

As the Tax Justice Network puts it:

the United Kingdom with its satellite secrecy jurisdictions would be ranked first in the Fincancial Secrecy Index (FSI) by a large margin with a FSI score of 2162 or 3170, respectively (compared to 1765 for Switzerland). Note that this list excludes many British Commonwealth Realms where the Queen remains their head of state.

They forget to mention that many former British colonies*, surprisingly, have ended up being Tax Havens as well.
It is estimated that 30% of global wealth is hidden on Tax Havens. And it seems that half of that amount is under British total control or strong influence.<--break->


So if Scotland, one of the first territories to be invaded by the English, regainse its independence, it could pave the way for other colonies* to make their way out and possibly weaken and reduce the grip on and the power of each of the Tax Havens.

Thank you Scotland - and, hold your nerve (
"If the world could only follow Scotland's example, peace would break out and democracy would spread. The powerful are terrified."
"...the very paymaster of all these political masters of the planet, Goldman Sachs itself, came out against Scottish independence on 3 September."

Financial Secrecy Index 2015

Narrative report on England and her colonies
The United Kingdom’s relatively low ranking on the secrecy index hides a much bigger story. We regard the UK as one of the biggest, if not the biggest, single player in the global offshore system of tax havens (or secrecy jurisdictions) today.


2013 Secrecy Ranking
See full index here

1. Switzerland
2. Luxembourg
3. Hong Kong
4. Cayman Islands*
5. Singapore
6. USA
7. Lebanon
8. Germany
9. Jersey*
10. Japan
11. Panama
12. Malaysia (Labuan)
13. Bahrain
14. Bermuda*
15. Guernsey*

 British overseas territory or crown dependency. If Britain's network were assessed together, it would be at the top. 


"colonies" would include the over 30 territories, regions, settlements, protectorates, dependencies or whatever alternative names were invented to basically express considerable British influence.
In many cases this influence still exists, more probably so at an economic/financial level.



Current and former British colonies*
that appear in the Financial Secrecy Index of the Tax Justice Network
RANK Secrecy Jurisdiction FSI - Value4 Secrecy Score5 Global Scale Weight6
3 Hong Kong 
(former British colony*)
1,283.4 72 4.206
4 Flag  Cayman Islands1,2 1,233.5 70 4.694
5 Singapore 
(former British colony*)
1,216.8 70 4.280
9 Flag  Jersey1,2 591.7 75 0.263
12 Malaysia (Labuan) 
(former British colony*)
471.6 80 0.082
14 Flag  Bermuda1 432.3 80 0.061
15 Flag  Guernsey1 419.3 67 0.257
19 Mauritius1 397.8 80 0.047
20 Flag  British Virgin Islands1,2 385.4 66 0.241
21 Flag  United Kingdom1,2 361.3 40 18.530
26 Barbados 
(former British colony*)
317.4 81 0.021
32 India
(former British colony*)
254.5 46 1.800
34 Flag  Isle of Man1 237.2 67 0.049
35 Bahamas1 226.8 80 0.009
36 South Africa
(former British colony*)
209.7 53 0.260
41 Cyprus
(former British colony*)
198.9 52 0.264
44 Australia
(former British colony*)
168.1 47 0.394
48 New Zealand
(former British colony*)
151.4 52 0.126
49 Flag  Gibraltar1 147.8 79 0.003
52 Belize
(former British colony*)
129.8 80 0.002
61 Flag  Anguilla1 96.7 76 0.001
62 St Vincent & the Grenadines1 85.1 78 0.001
63 Flag  Turks & Caicos Islands1 81.8 78 0.000
64 Malta
(former British colony*)
78.0 44 0.079
65 St Lucia1 66.8 84 0.000
67 Antigua & Barbuda1 60.4 80 0.000
70 Grenada1 55.7 78 0.000
73 Brunei Darussalam1 50.6 84 0.000
76 Samoa
(former British colony*)
31.0 88 0.000
77 Dominica1 26.9 79 0.000
78 Cook Islands1 25.2 77 0.000
80 St Kitts & Nevis1 18.4 80 0.000
82 Flag  Montserrat1 0.0 74 0.000


Only the elites, the financial institutions and "the markets"
do not want an independent Scotland.

Pound slumps to 10-month low after Scottish yes campaign takes poll lead (The Guardian)
The "panic" of the financial markets and the stock exchange clearly indicates that the ones that are really interested in Scotland NOT becoming independent are fundamentally the financial sharks and pirates. Most certainly a Scotland within the "United" Kingdom is far more easy to manipulate by investors/speculators and other financials powers.

Scotland independent = good for the People (the 99%, world wide!)
Scotland under UK = only good for Elites (the 'Markets', Bankers and the 30+ UK controlled Tax Havens)

Social movements all over the world (specially Europe maybe) should actually support and promote the independence of Scotland. Maybe there is still just enough time left to achieve some and help undecided people choose the right option.

Yay for Scotland!
Do a favor to yourself AND the world, vote yes!
Thank you


For the undecided Scottish people.

If you are not sure about voting YES for the independence of your own country, you can look at it from another angle! 
Voting YES for Scotland, means at the same time voting NO against growing global corporate domination, control and corruption, from the bankers, the London stock exchange, Wall Street, Main Stream Media, the weapon industry, big pharma, monsanto, spying and control of the internet... in general against the dominating elites.


More references/arguments

YES! After 700 years of domination, may this be your last battle. Finally!
The First War of Scottish Independence was the initial chapter of engagements in a series of warring periods between English and Scottish forces lasting from the invasion by England in 1296 until the de jure restoration of Scottish independence with the Treaty of Edinburgh-Northampton in 1328. De facto independence was established in 1314 at the Battle of Bannockburn. England attempted to establish its authority over Scotland while the Scots fought to keep English rule and authority out of Scotland.
Think of the generations of ancestors who fought and died to keep Scotland free from English domination. Now is your chance to set that straight!

 Wars of independence videos from the BBC
Ambitious and ruthless, Edward I of England brought Scotland to its knees with a military campaign every bit as brutal as it was successful.

The absurd enduring heritage of English colonial times
The fourteen British Overseas Territories are territories under the jurisdiction and sovereignty of the United Kingdom. They do not, however, form part of it.[1] Instead, they are those parts of the former British Empire that have not acquired independence.


English Imperialism
It seems that a large number of the peoples within "Great" Britain, like the Sottish, the Irish and the Welsh, actually do NOT want to be part of it and maybe an equally large number of people just SAY they want to make part of it, only because they are manipulated or bought (financially better off). In reality in the heads of most of the common people, this "Great" Britain might not really exist. Maybe there is just a "Small" Britain, in other words: England, that simply has manipulated people into believing this British myth.

 But as proved in marketing, as long as you keep insisting and repeating, people can even be led to believe they "need" to drink Coca Cola and it would be difficult to have them understand it is only manipulation. And this was only over some decades. So if you take in account that the concept of "Great" Britain has been sustained and accepted by most authorities and Elites over centuries and generations, it is easy to understand that many common people take this element of "Great" as a fact, even if they themselves do not agree or feel it that way. A clear and obvious example is of course Gibraltar, where people do not want to be made part of Spain, although they share the same history and culture, only because it has a GIP that is like twice as high of that of Spain. And people's conviction is so easily bought...

 Accepting "Great" Britain as a fact instead of considering it the actual longlasting English imperialistic domination an manipulation over their neighbouring countries, is THE crucial step to then also meekly accept the still lingering colonial (actually financial) English domination of all those islands and tiny pieces of land scattered around the world, that have nothing to do with England neither geographically nor historically. However, many of these places have now turned into Tax Havens, truly the Treasure Islands for the elitarian Financial Pirates: Banks, Corporations and those some thousand richest families of the world.

 Conclusion: The independence of Scotland would mean a breach in the myth of "Great" Britain or "United" Kingdom, which could very well be an eye-opener for the Irish and the Welsh and trigger their reaction. And if English long-lasting imperialistic domination scatters on it's own geographical area, then this may affect their dominance over all those places that most of the English would not even know to locate on a map and will never ever set foot on. And this might bring the whole house of cards of the "United" Tax Havens Kingdom to crumble down.
And abolition of Bank Secrey and Tax Havens is the only TRUE first step towards a world of equality and peace, free from large-scale corruption (political, corporate and other crime).

 List of countries dominated by England over the centuries.


EU myths, politics and scaremongering on an independent Scotland
The EU is governed by hard politics, and the easiest thing for everyone if Scotland votes yes will be that she never leaves the EU.

As the Scottish referendum enters its final stretch, expect a ramping up of myths and scaremongering on an independent Scotland lingering in the cold outside the European Union.

An anonymous European Commission official suggests, implausibly, negotiations to re-enter  the Union could take five  years (  Ed Miliband suggests there could be armed guards on the border - an even more unconvincing and empty threat (  Scotland will have to join the euro, threaten the somewhat more sophisticated scaremongers, or Spain will block Scotland joining to inhibit Catelan independence say the somewhat more politically astute.

The more likely scenario, that an independent Scotland may never leave the EU, joining as an independent state at the moment the UK dissolves its ties is rarely heard. Nor is any mention made of the challenges the rest of the UK may face, which, even as the successor state, will have fewer votes when EU member states agree laws, as voting strength depends in part on population, and which may well face new challenges to its budget rebate as it is recalculated after Scotland's departure from the UK.



This is about the American "dream", but it also goes for the UK as for the rest of the world.
The owners of this country don't want that. I am talking about the real owners now, the real owners, the big wealthy business interests, that control things and make all the imortant decisions. 
I'll tell you what they don't want: they don't want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking. They don't want well-informed, well-educated people capable of critical thinking. 
And they certainly do not want an independent Scotland!


Scotland isn't different, it's Britain that's bizarre
The context, usually, is political. Scotland has free education “because it's different”. Scotland hasn't privatised its NHS, “because it's different”. It's utter bunkum. The truth is that Scotland is, basically, a very normal Northern European country.



The real villains are at the heart of our economic and cultural life. They are the dynastic families who own the Bank of England, the US Federal Reserve and associated cartels. They also control the World Bank and IMF. Their identity is kept secret but Rothschild is certainly one of them.
England is in fact a financial oligarchy run by the “Crown” which refers to the “City of London” not the Queen. The City is run by the Bank of England, a /private/ corporation. The City is a sovereign state located in the heart of greater London. Considered the “Vatican of the financial world,” the City is /not/ subject to British law.

Who runs England?