Protest and Activism

Protests and Activism can be big or small, but they all seek to increase social awareness and put pressure on authorities and/or the people responsible for actions that are highly unethic, generally not at all transparant and frequently with serious consequences regarding human rights or environment. 

Starting a random listing, eventually to be organized better, suggestions accepted:

  • Anonymousnews & operations
    AnonNews is an independent and uncensored (but moderated) news platform for Anonymous. Anyone is welcome to post a submission.
    Anonops carries posts of operations along with videos related to Anonymous, protests, or any other forms of activistic activities.
  • Attac
    Attac is an international movement working towards social, environmental and democratic alternatives in the globalisation process.
  • Occupy (together)
    the #occupy movement is an international movement driven by individuals like you. All of us have many different backgrounds and political beliefs but feel that, since we can no longer trust our elected officials to represent anyone other than their wealthiest donors, we need real people to create real change from the bottom up.
  • Adbusters
    We are a global network of culture jammers and creatives working to change the way information flows, the way corporations wield power, and the way meaning is produced in our society.
  • Why we protest