War, destruction and other collateral damage in the name of 'Progress'

Large Industry
exploitation of human & natural resources
deforestation - extinction of species
climate change - drought - famine
war - violation of human rights

Industrial Revolution "the OWO way" started around 1800 in Britain and has lead us at full speed to a self-destructing type of "Progress" (magnificently expressed - from and individual's standpoint - in Charlie Chaplin's visionary Modern Times - and in fact none has changed ever since) that is purely based on using workers as mere extensions of the machinery and exhausting the once rich, but ever shrinking, natural resources, to convert them into an ever growing pile of useless but harmful waist.

This process is profoundly disrespectfull and cowardly, since it directly attacks and destroys something as innocent and defenseless as nature itself.

The only reason this self-destructing process has ever started and still is allowed to continue, is because it generates a lot of wealth and power for a few selfish people with no scrupules (<1%) who are obviously to stupid and short-sighted to see beyond their own wall of greed and too lame to search for more intelligent solutions. Old World Order is sadly limited because it only knows to think in profit, without ever worrying about any other consequences than the fastest and highest return on investment.


If not now, when? If not you (me), who?

Now it is to us: the current and, at most, the next generation, to turn this self-destructive model around and develop creative solutions not just to survive or sustain, but actually to restore as much as possible of what the last six or seven generations have destroyed. And they left us with a tremendous lot of work to do, even to compensate just a bit of the consequences succesfully brought about by profit-obsessed Large Industry without scrupules:

  1. Large-scale corruption
    the "father" of all subsequent crimes and problems, supported and stimulated by "mother" Bank Secrecy
  2. Deforestation
    for construction and infrastructures, production of paper, agriculture (soy), cattle (hamburgers), causing loss of natural habitat, oxygen production, absorbtion of co2 and an increasing extinction rate of species
  3. Contamination of the oceans and squandering abuse of fresh water
    for use in industrial plants, but also for ridiculous projects like golf courses, las Vegas or Dubai.
  4. Air/atmospheric polution
    the hole in the ozon layer, acid rain, greenhouse effect, smog, increase of allergies and diseases
  5. Climate change
    melting of the ice-caps, drought, extreme weather behaviour
  6. Extinction of species and destruction of nature/the planet in general
    2013/05/09: Western Black Rhinoceros officially extinct 
    reason: poaching for rhino horn for wealthy Asian consumers, particularly vietnam. Political instability and wars have greatly hampered rhino conservation work in Africa, notably in Angola, Rwanda, Somalia and Sudan. More at WWF...
    The animals are coveted in certain countries due to the false belief that their horns can cure or fend off cancer
  7. War and exploitation in third world countries (no need at all for politically 'correct', but hypocrite terms)
    War, terrorism, conflicts, violation of human rights, famine, disease, slavery, child labour and child soldiers
    The 'Democratic' Republic of Congo may be the country that most suffers from Industry's hunger for minerals to satisfy their production and profit greed.
    Het conflict in Oost-Congo verklaard
    Zes vragen over de oorlog die iedereen het liefst zo snel mogelijk vergeet 
  8. Sick and retarded "developed" society, morally and ethicly degraded
    through intense manipulation by MSM (=OWO) and publicity to focus only on artificial, competetive and egocentric values like money, posession (assets!) and image: car, house, gadgets, professional 'succes' (achieved by playing along accordingly), happy family, 5 star hotels for pets.
And this is just a tiny part of the consequences that OWO left us in only about 250 years of industrial revolution after some 3.600.000.000 years of evolution of life and nature on the planet.






Reaction to this video:

If that chick in white wouldn't have sat there disturbing the scene, the baby ducks would just have continued to the end of the wall, instead of plunging themselves onto the concrete...

The duckies are real sweet, but it is frankly quite sad that (city?)people have that need to interfere and expect any (cute) animal to act as if it were some lap dog. It shows how far we actually have got from nature and our roots.

Everybody seems to just find it sweet and cute, while no one stops to think that the baby duckies most probably took the jump out of pure fear, while mother duck must have been in awful stress. Just imagine  the same situation with a group of children and some tyranosaurus at the end of that wall. Would it still be as cute?

This is not meant to be criticism, just a call for awareness. Because all of nature is cute, not just some duckies in a city. However, we are destroying it with our "city" mentality, exploiting the planet for real-estate, industry and supposed "progress". But are we really doing better now than for example in the 60ies, when we had no Iphones and no McDonalds in every mayor city in the world, but neither did we have global warming, so much deforestation or species on the brink of extinction. Ever stopped to think how much "cuteness" is disappearing from the world every minute? No more "overload" shortly, if we keep this up!