Il Vecchio Ordine Mondiale = Corrotto

Old World Order - yOur world

Ogni giorno piu gente si rende conto che il sistema sociale attuale è profondamente ingiusto, corrotto e dirigendosi a un punto di colasso totale. Questo sistema è dominato dalla economia e le manipulazioni finanziari da un piccolo grupo di elite governante di familie, banche, Wall Street (le borse in generale) e la grande insdustria, da un pò di anni conosciuto anche come "i Mercati", dei cuali tutti, individualmente e collectivamente, siamo diventati più e più dipendenti a lo lungo degli ultimi decenni (senza chiederlo). Questa elite globale nonostante, non è ne giusta ne trasparente con rispetto ai citadini 'normali' (i 99%), attua senza scrupoli e senza nessun rispetto per la natura e il ambiente (salvo per quello che la presione della opinione pubblica gli imponga inevitabilmente).



The Independency Project is part of the Human Progress Network which was intended to compile, follow, observe and discuss long term (generations) Human Progress and Evolution on natural (as species), social, scientific and even spiritual level.

However, economical and political issues, that are in fact completely irrelevant to the nature of human being, are putting our chance of collective development, as society and species, in serious danger by triggering war, crime, violation of human rights, climate change and mayor environmental breakdown. This is typical of Old World Order, the only Order that actually ever existed since mankind started to live in society: a reduced group of elite rulers dominating a vast majority, not necessarily due to a major capability of those rulers and more probably due to major ambition, greed or lack of scrupules, resulting in a behavior of superiority towards others and towards natural environment.

Real Human Progress can only be achieved if the dominating stimulus would be sharing instead of competing, but before that can even be considered, the most important and threatening of all fires has to be put out first; essentially the current fraudulent and corrupt global economic system, induced by just a few (<1%) in senseless, selfish, short-sighted greed and obsession for domination.

With the growing power of men over nature and over other men, this Old World Order has totally gotten out of control and needs to be substituted by a system that is closer to nature, closer to life and closer to the human being itself.

To achieve this it is necessary to regain independency from OWO mechanisms that have got the world in a downward spiral in essentially two aspects:

  1. Corruption of Global Economy, Politics and Justice,
    leading to war, crime and violation of human rights;
  2. Global Warming and the long list of other environmental problems.
    This issue is actually more important than corruption, but since environmental problems are if fact ”collateral damage” as a consequence of that same corruption by governments and large industry, it can be expected that solving corruption in all it’s appearances will automatically bring about, at least, a considerable improvement of environmental issues.

Any further Human Progress cannot be smooth or even possible as long as both money and the economic system are not radically turned back to what they were meant to be: a means of exchange, instead of a goal. The first and essential step to make this possible is the total and absolute abolition of Bank Secrecy and Off Shore Banking (Tax Havens, Tax Paradises, Treasure Islands).