2 - Social Awareness


Iceland & Greece


Compiling references


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From Corporations to Cooperatives


For a sustainable, liveable and egalitarian world society, business will greatly have to transform from greedy, profit-obsessed, centralized, destructive Corporations to user, worker and environment friendly, sustainable Cooperatives in wide networks.

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Publicity: 100% VAT for healthier economics, ecology & society



In 2009 I already pubished this request on the petition site at http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/multiply-tax-on-publicity-2x-3x/

Here just a straight copy for the moment just in case. Unfortunately not much follow up by then, hope to improve that now. Main change of focus: not just 2 or 3 times more VAT on publicity of the companies that are on the stock-exchange, but straight out 100% VAT so the corporations contribute (back) to society just as much as they are eager  to invest in forcing their products, services or brands upon the rest of the world. Additionally this would compensate (very slightly) the enormous amount of money they don't pay, due to semi-legal tax evasion trough  Tax Havens.

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Nature first


Nature First!
Unavoidably. Nature can exist without man, but man can cannot exist without nature. This is obvious, of course, essentially self-explaining and does not need any further discussion, except for its actual implementation, which is another chapter though.

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What can we do, bottom up


Solutions for world society, 
bottom up - what each of us can do: learn, speak, demonstrate, act

From your home or computer

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Global solutions to the world's major problems


Main world problems

  1. War, terrorism, organized crime
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Protest and Activism


Protests and Activism can be big or small, but they all seek to increase social awareness and put pressure on authorities and/or the people responsible for actions that are highly unethic, generally not at all transparant and frequently with serious consequences regarding human rights or e

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