Subliminal consumerist propaganda in documentary.

A dramatic example of subliminal or implicit propaganda for Industry, "progress" and thus consumerism can be found in this supposedly scientific documentary on the history of the world.

Quite a sick view... 

While ancient cultures praised and thanked nature for providing them with fruit and fish for survival, this documentary praises the universe for "giving" us iron, gold and uranium to use up in production and consumption for greed, only to dominate and kill all other living creatures, destroy nature, including the atmosphere, and convert it all into a pile of waste and contamination.

As if 13,700,000,000 years of universe, planet and evolution of life and nature, ultimately only has served to simply for us, human kind, to get greedy and fat??? 


00:08 / 00:15 Converging in New York City (of all places! traffic jams and real-estate) as if man were the summit of creation, and skyscrapers and smog the highest achievement of man. 

00:16 - "How the planet prepared for the rise of man" 

00:35 - "...and the path leads to you."??? 

02:25 - "all the energy that you will ever CONSUME"????  (is this publicity for Exxon? GM?)

04:18 - from "Revealing the timeless secret of the universe." The image jumps to NYC (traffic, packed crowd, skyscraper forest, subway) while pronouncing the words "Throughout history"??? 

04:25 - "More matter and energy can be drawn together in one place" -> factory???  

04:50 - And "best" of all: showing nature in it's purest state while saying "where there isn't anything, nothing much can develop"???   

06:30 - "Stars are element FACTORIES..." (to provide us with)  06:55 "... iron to allow for the building of cities and the creation of some of mankind's most famous monuments (oh really? Brooklyn Bridge?, Statue of Liberty?) 

07:32 - ...for there to be GOLD for wedding rings or uranium for nuclear reactors"???

08:22 - and YES!   stars create GOLD for COINS    


"The universe HAS to build us a suitable home"????

"you have to assemble the right materials" - deforestation

13:10 - "this magnetic field will.... guide the explorers who will connect two halves of the world"

20:20 - "to become earths sources of iron and steel..."

20:44 - no, No, NOOO  "landmarks of the industrial age are a direct link to some of the first life forms on earth"

29:50 - "So the dinosaurs kind of held us back"

29:57 - "WE LOST!!!"    (WHAAAT??? as if it were a football game???)

30:00 - "Mammals LOST!!!"   

30:18 - "They beat us...."     (oh dear... it is all about competing. isn't it?)

31:06 - "The greates gift that the dinosaurs ever gave us was... DYING!"


and it just doesn't stop...

Obviously this video has been made to provide the ultimate excuse for those who think so and to justify overexploitation and destruction of nature by industry and large corporations, for the sake of "progress" and "better" still an ever-growing mass-consumption. This video must have been sponsored by big banks and Wall Street corporations, who inherited that collective homocentric world view (and as consequence a self-centered individual view) from the monotheistic religions, extrapolating it's lack of respect and consideration for our natural surrounding in the most destructive and devestating way.

Parents should defenitely avoid their children to see these kind of videos or they'll grow up thinking it is all for the take, without any worry about effects and consequences. Which, of course, is in the interest of Large Industry, since that is their mentality too and need of people of such mentality.